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Service Sunday

This Sunday will be Service Sunday! Bring your energy and your donations to the Portage Community Center Holiday Donor Program.

Recent News

  • Nonviolent Communication -Time Change

    Nonviolent Communication Classes to be offered on Tuesday’s at 6:15 p.m. instead of the regularly scheduled Thursday’s at 6:15 p.m.

  • Expired: UUCC Bazaar – Nov. 12&19

    We are holding the annual craft bazaar after the Sunday service on November 12 and 19. It is just in time to shop for seasonal gift items for your friends and family as well as assorted homemade holiday baked goods. All proceeds will go directly to ...

  • Expired: Annual Fall Clean-up

    A very special thank you to everyone who worked so hard on our annual fall clean up.  Judging by how many things were loaded into trucks and trunks, our building is lighter and brighter!  Dust rags and vacuums caught all those dust bunnies.  The kitchen was spruced up.  Shelving and ...


Our Stories

I was raised by liberal Catholics in rural Wisconsin. I quickly seized the notion that all authority, including religious, should be challenged. We moved to a large city in central California, and I quickly took my rebellious nature too far, falling into alcoholism and addiction. At the young age of twenty-five, I realized some life-changing decisions needed to be made. A twelve-step program aided in these changes and helped open the door to a reentry of spirituality into my life. However, it would still be a couple years before I would attend anything like an organized church.

Three years into my sobriety, I met the woman who would be my wife. She, too, had a desire to grow her personal spirituality. A close friend invited us to a church that prided itself on mainstreaming meditation and diverse religious education. Every service began with 20 minutes of meditation followed by readings from such varied religions as Judaism and Zoroastrianism. This would be our church until it over-extended its hand into our pockets.

Nikki and I soon married and found ourselves blessed with a little girl, Chloe. We wanted to settle closer to our extended family and, Nikki being from Battle Creek, we eventually called Portage our home. Soon after moving to Portage, and after a hiatus from organized religion, I felt the urge to find a spiritual community. I searched the internet for a liberal church that would help me foster that outward life and I found UUCC. This church delivered as promised, giving me numerous opportunities to engage myself, the church and the community. I now serve as Vice President of the Board of Trustees and look forward to my contribution to the advancements to come.