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Power and Practice of our Faith

This Sunday our church will be participating in the denomination wide service, “Power and Practice of our Faith”. What would it be like if our UU worship service centered entirely around the voices and the experiences of black Unitarian Universalist? What truths might we hear, however difficult? What might we learn? How might these black … Continued

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  • Incredible Introducer

    Don’t know everyone yet? Don’t know who to ask, where to go, what to do?

    You need the “Incredible Introducer!”

    Look for the flashing badge after church on this magical person who can answer your questions or introduce you to the person who can.

  • Potluck Schedule

    UUCC is famous for its wonderful monthly potlucks. The food is plentiful and there is lots of variety. Potlucks are normally held after church on the first Sunday of the month. This is a great opportunity to get to know people better by sharing a meal together. ...


Our Stories

My mother’s side of the family is Catholic and I attended parochial school. Around the age of 13, I figured out that this religion wasn’t working for me and that Atheism was a better fit, with the freedom to explore my own ideology. I graduated college and worked at a social work/community center in Kalamazoo County.

I had a really rough year in 2010 and was not coping well, after unexpectedly losing my brother and a friendship of 12 years. I had seen a UU church in Jackson, and really liked the messages on their sign, so I checked out UUCC’s website to confirm that it was truly a liberal church. I was excited to see this was true! A friend invited me to a service. I knew this was a small congregation and was concerned that it might be a bit cliquish.

Great news for me that it wasn’t! My first day there, people were very friendly, and when I asked if I could help with the dishes, no one tried to persuade me otherwise. It was a simple gesture, but one I desperately needed. I had felt lost after my brother had died. I needed a sense of belonging and purpose and even with something as small as dishes, it was something that I needed to be able to give back. I also love that the services vary, and that learning is always encouraged. UUCC tries to change the world for the better. No specific beliefs are required, and everyone is welcomed.

I have made a lot of friends at UUCC, people I enjoy talking to on Sundays, at meetings, and at the awesome events (Chili dinner in January for example). I currently am the Secretary of the board and a co-chair of the Sunday Services Committee. This place has helped me survive some of the worst years I’ve had, and I am so glad I am a part of it.