Expired: Mission and Vision

This Sunday Rev. Gy and Committee on Ministry will be presenting on UUCC’s Mission and Vision.

Expired: Church Clean-up

Come help spruce up UUCC this Sunday. Prior to cleaning we will be having a potluck brunch.

Expired: Day of the Dead Ceremony an Inter-generational service

Jacquis Robertson will conducting our Day of the Dead Ceremony an Inter-generational service.  Dia De Muertos is a Mexican Holiday with a focus on those that have passed on, having the opportunity to interact with  those still present on the Earth, for one day. Today, we will discuss at length those that we have lost, in hopes that … Continued

Expired: The Bhagavad Gita: A Peace Within a Time of War.

This Sunday Fred Stella will be speaking on “The Bhagavad Gita: A Peace Within a Time of War”. The Gita is arguably the most beloved of all the many scriptures in the Hindu canon. It is on a battlefield with the war poised to start that Lord Krishna shares the most intimate knowledge of life and … Continued

Expired: “How to Aim a Hockey Shot”

Dr. Brent Smith  will be speaking on “How to Aim a Hockey Shot”— Where are you “located”? How does “location” shape an individual’s faith tradition’s understanding of events? What does that have to do with taking a shot in hockey? And, more important still, in what ways do questions like these influence our understandings of … Continued