Expired: Sunday, May 27th – Flower Communion

The Flower Ceremony is an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. In this intergenerational ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower, the minister blesses the flowers, and then each person chooses a flower to bring home. Read more about the history of the Flower Ceremony on the UUA website.

Expired: Sunday, May 13th – “Mother Jones – the Most Dangerous Woman in America”

Mary Roscoe will be directing a play, written by playwright David Christie, during this Sunday’s service, featuring some of our own UUCC members! Join us on Mother’s Day to learn about this most amazing mother! The legendary Mother Jones, once called the “most dangerous woman in America,” holds an important position in American history because of her … Continued

Services in 2015-16 focused on the roots of Unitarian Universalism, presenting tenets from Christian, Buddhist and Jewish teachings that have influenced UU faith. Guest ministers discussed friendship, neighbors, being a witness, gun violence, domestic violence, reproductive rights, biodiversity and LGBTQ issues. Audio recordings are available to check out from the church library and are typically available within one week of the service date. Please contact our church office for information on how to check out recordings.