Expired: Wisdom Buffet of Morsels for a Happier Life

This is Sunday,our speaker will be Robert Weir. Robert has presented some serious subjects to the UUCC congregation lately. But on this day, he promises to “keep it light,” by offering a “Wisdom Buffet of Morsels for a Happier Life.” Robert’s engaging presentation will provide tidbits of wisdom about what makes people happy. It will … Continued

Services in 2015-16 focused on the roots of Unitarian Universalism, presenting tenets from Christian, Buddhist and Jewish teachings that have influenced UU faith. Guest ministers discussed friendship, neighbors, being a witness, gun violence, domestic violence, reproductive rights, biodiversity and LGBTQ issues. Audio recordings are available to check out from the church library and are typically available within one week of the service date. Please contact our church office for information on how to check out recordings.