August 13, 2017 Rev. Gy responded to the recent violence in Charlottesville, NC at a White Supremacy rally. 

August 6, 2017 Rev. Gy’s topic was “Are the Gays and Trans People Really That Bad?” 

July 23, 2017 Rev. Gy spoke about Global Warming and what we as Unitarian Universalists must do. 

July 17, 2017 Rev. Gy spoke on “A Holistic Approach to Life” 

June 18, 2017 Rev. Gy walked through her own spiritual journey and her current personal theology.

June 11, 2017 Rev. Gy — “Other or Not?”

June 4, 2017  Rev. Gy — “Legitimate”

May 28, 2017 Rev. Gy spoke this Memorial day weekend on the “Greatest Sacrifice”

May 21, 2017  Rev. Gy presented part II of “Healthy Congregations

May 14, 2017  Joe Brown discussed the Kalamazoo Urban Alliance, and put it into terms of “What Would Your Mother Do?” Would your mother encourage you to volunteer to improve the lives of those around us?

May 7, 2017 Rev. Gy spoke on “The Need for Freedom” 

April 30, 2017 Robert Weir spoke on the ongoing battle for civil rights in the United States.

April 23, 2017 Nate Fuller, of the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, spoke about climate justice.
April 16, 2017 Rev. Gy spoke on Easter Sunday about “Hope Springs Eternal”.

April 9, 2017 Rev. Gy led a discussion of two videos demonstrating how a church dealt with change and conflict. 

April 2, 2017 Rev. Gy spoke on “Intention”. Do we really understand one another’s motivation and intention when they do what they do?

March 26, 2017  This was a lay-led service about the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).

March 12, 2017  Rev. Gy continues discussing a view of abundance, rather than scarcity.

March 6, 2017 Rev Gy. talks about viewing your life and your church through the lens of Abundance.


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